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Therapy for Adolescent Boys

We often hear from adolescent boy's moms "He just won't talk to me, he tells me nothing. I ask him how his day went and he says 'ok'.  My friends with teen girls say their girls tell them things."  The truth is that boys in general separate much earlier than girls from their mothers. 

Parent begin to panic when they notice their boys are spending a great deal of time gaming at the expense of their academics.  Or they are coming home with red eyes from smoking marijuana. We see parents begin to emotionally pursue their teen boys only for the boys to withdraw further. Therapy for teen boys is a bit of a stigma. While girls are constantly talking about "my therapist said..." boys are still embarrassed to go to therapy. 

They need to begin to talk about what is happening in their minds and their hearts. Getting them into treatment is not easy, which is why the right fit/match with a therapist is a key component. If we can get them into the first session, even reluctantly, if the match is good they will return to do their work.  

We often meet with parents for a session before we meet with their son to gain history and learn about the issues the family is concerned about. Once we meet with your son, the relationship is then between he and the therapist. If family therapy is needed, another therapist will be recommended.

Teen boys need to have a purpose outside of academics. If they are not athletes it is important to find their passion or purpose during high school. A sense of belonging is key, whether that the marching band, chess club, or a good part time job where there is a sense of purpose and community.

We will help you learn to communicate with your son in a way that does not feel like interrogation. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus applies to sons and their mothers. They speak a different language and we can help you learn to speak their language.