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Interventionist for Adolescents under 21 years old

Lynne Henderson Welsh, M.S., Certified Interventionist,  Samantha Malfitano, M.A. and Ricky Kawas are an Interventionist Team in The Bucks, Montgomery Counties and in The Princeton, NJ area for teens/adolcecents/young adults who need intervention for their mental health issues/addictions.

They work with the following issues:

-Addiction to alcohol or drugs

-Anxiety, Depression, Self-Harm

-Suicidal thoughts/ideation

-Eating Disorders

-Oppositional Defiant Disorder


-Pornography Addiction

-Gaming Addiction


Lynne, Ricky, and Samantha do the following:

-Sit with the family first to access the young adult's history, issues, and resistances to getting the level of care required for recovery.

-Sit with the young adult to understand where they are in the acceptance process of their issues

-Intervention is in the office or the client's home with the client or the entire family and can take anywhere from one hour to 2 weeks

-A Rehab Specialist on our team will guide the families to a few facilities that could meet the clients needs, we will assist to expedite the admissions process.

-A Liason/Advocate from our team to help the family to work collaboratively with the facility and is available to follow the young adult while in the facility to assess their readiness for discharge 

-An After Care Specialist from our team is on board to create an Aftercare Plan between the client and the family for the return home

-We will create a Treatment Team for the client consisting of a therapist, family therapist, and psychiatrist and other healing modalities if needed or desired.

-Lynne can act as Case Manger to the Team post - discharge to keep everyone working collaboratively. 


Call our offices today to discuss setting up a consult.  Fee schedule is different with every client.