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Adolescent Mental Health Advocate/Liaison

Helping Guide you and your Adolescent through the Maze of Mental Health or Addiction

We work with Families of Adolescents who are lost in the maze of treatment for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, self harm or eating disorders and/or addiction. Lynne's role as an Adolescent Mental Health Advocate for Families and Adolescents helps to determine the level of care needed at each step of their recovery from mental health issues or addiction. Lynne helps families determine whether the adolescent should stay at home to receive once a week outpatient therapy or outpatient therapy with some other services added such as coaches in or out of the home or home schooling. Additionally, she points families in the right direction of mental health facilities that may be the right fit for the teen. While the teen is in the facility, Lynne acts as liaison to monitor and assess the treatment as well as deciding when the adolescent should be discharged. Before discharge, Lynne prepares an aftercare plan collaboratively with the family, the adolescent and the facility to follow once the client is home. After discharge, Lynne places the teen in the appropriate setting and create a team of psychiatrists, therapists, coaches, and home school teachers.

Therapy for Adolescents

Your teen is struggling with a mental health issue or has been using alcohol or marijuana to cope with feelings of overwhelm. We can help. Our therapists can see your child weekly in therapy who are trained to handle anxiety, depression, self harm, eating disorders and addictions. Call our offices today and we will do an evaluation and then place your teen with the right therapist.  

Family Therapy for Adolescents and their Families

We have a family therapist who can work with your family to identify the issues you are having with you teen. Typically, the teen is acting out some of the issues going on in the family. They are the "identified patient", the member of the family who "feels" all of the pain going on in the family, past and present. This teen's issues may symbolize that there are issues going on in the family that are not being addressed. In family therapy you can begin to work through these issues.