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Welcome to Lynne Henderson Welsh, M.S. and Samantha Malfitano, M.A. Psychotherapy & Associates. We help Adolescents and Young Adults and their families who are struggling with the following issues:


-My teen/young adult IS NOT ACTING LIKE HIM/HERSELFHe/She went from being a content child to a moody, withdrawn anxious kid who does not want to be with the family...What do we do?


-My teen/young adult IS USING DRUGS AND ALCOHOL and I'm concerned that it is going to escalate into even harder drugs. Do we need rehab or is outpatient therapy enough?


-My teen/young adult IS ACTING OUT A LOT AT HOME. We are having constant arguments and it is turning our home upside down and our other children are being affected. We don't know where to turn.


-My teen/young adult  IS HANGING OUT WITH THE WRONG CROWD and is listening to their advice and not mine. How do I separate them from these kids?


-My teen/young adult all of the she  IS SUDDENLY OBSESSED WITH HER APPEARANCE worried about her weight and has disorder eating....we are not sure how much to comment or what to say?


-My teen/young adult  IS ADDICTED TO THEIR PHONE, if I take it away they freak out.  How do I limit phone time?


-My teen/young adult IS ADDICTED TO GAMING, and other parents seem to be letting their teens on 24/7. How do I set a limit when other parents aren't?



Lynne and Samantha are here to help.  We know teens and young adults very well.  Today's teens are faced with so many more obstacles than we as their parents were at their age.  We can help to bring your teen back to their authentic self.  Lynne and Sam are both mothers of teenagers and see the daily struggles presented to teens personally and professionally.  Please call us for a consult or a question.   215-317-3329